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No more slaving over a hot stove!

Hate to cook? Too busy? Ever wish you had your own chef? Now you can! The Custom Cook is an affordable chef service. Owner/Executive Chef Joseph F. Giancaspro recognizes the need for families to be able to access this service. His personal chef service accomodates those who wouldn't normally be able to afford a personal chef. Chef Joe's staff of expertly trained chefs do all the shopping, all the cooking, and all the cleaning!
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Here's how it works: A meeting is held between The Custom Cook and the client to determine the client's likes and dislikes. Any aversions to foods is noted, and those food are avoided. Over the next few days, a proposed menu is faxed or mailed to the client for approval or changes, as needed.
A date for service is then arranged. Since The Custom Cook uses only the freshest ingredients in its recipes, the chef then goes shopping on the day of scheduled service. The clients meals are cooked in their own home, using The Custom Cook's equipment and cleaning supplies. The client's kitchen is left in its original condition - or cleaner! The beauty of it is that there's no need for the client to be present. All meals are packaged, marked and placed into the client's freezer. A menu with heating instructions is attached to the client's refrigerator.
All the client has to do is place the dish in the oven or microwave, and within a matter of minutes dinner is served. No slaving over a hot stove, no mess to clean up. Just good, healthy home cooked gourmet-style meals in a flash.
Clients can arrange for service as often or as little as they wish. Some clients have a chef come every two weeks, others only every six weeks or so. It depends on the needs of the individual. The Custom Cook has hundreds of recipes from which to choose, so clients get a variety of meals. And if they have a favorite, "Of course we'll fix them every time - that's what the client wants," says Chef Joe. "And we try to send the same chef each time. That way, clients get to know their chef, and he or she really does become - in a sense - their personal chef."